Thursday, December 30, 2010

Interfaith Shelter Christmas Poem

At Santa Fe - ROC, the New Shelter, each team leader is expected to give a report after each night they are in charge of the shelter.  
Here is one of the most creative, written on Christmas eve, by Mike Barker: 

Twas the Night Before Christmas
In the Shelter of Faith
We were all blessed in goodness
And feeling God’s grace

The bounty of food
was prepared with all care
Our 41 guests
 Were so glad to be there.

With only just five
who came just for dinner
All were alive
and felt quite the winner

With 10 lovely women
and 32 men
Plus 2 charming children
Our Christmas begins

When came to the door
A stranger it seems
With gifts wrapped for children
A blessing indeed

But out on the street
There was a real clatter
She was rolled up in ball
Like nothing else mattered

She was found in the street
By our boys in the blue
They brought the kind medics
And an ambulance too.

And inside this shelter
Ah Temple Beth Shalom
They delivered a feast
A Delight for the Tum

But I thought for a second
About the girl and the boy
A Christmas that matters
Has to have just one toy

No Santa was coming
I knew in my heart
And remembered the presents
Dropped off at the start

So a present was selected
A good one I hear
And given with love
By a kind volunteer

Oh the kids with a smile
That beemed ear to ear
The joy in there soul
Said Santa was here.

You would have thought
A sleigh full of joy
Had been dropped through the chimney
Instead of one little toy

Christmas Eve had come
And gone with no hitch
But then suddenly outside the front door
Here came the Grinch

Something had happened
A nine o’clock wait
Had fell to the ground
And injured his kind face

He was found very bleeding
A bad wound to his nose
Again came the kind medics
And away he did go.

Alas through new slumber
Our night ends adorned
With so many grateful
Tomorrow stays warm

For all will be peaceful
Snug in deep sleep
No one will wake them
Say “Go back to the streets”

And I heard him explain
As he drove out of sight
Merry Christmas to ALL
You are all God’s Delight

Merry Christmas to all volunteers and to everyone who contributes or is a humble guest at the Interfaith Community Shelter.  

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