Saturday, December 18, 2010

A child's generosity

We arrived to Santa Fe before midnight, barely.  We were the last three permitted to board the plane; one poor woman desperately trying to get on the plane but who was also flying standby, did not make the cut.  Because of my relief that we all made the plane, I didn't feel it appropriate to gripe about my seat - back row, sitting next to a man who weighed well over 300 pounds, and sitting behind three unsupervised rambunctious kids aged 4 to 10 (the stewardess turned baby-sitter was very sympathetic).  Never-the-less, the events of the day - a tribute Memorial Service for my grandmother, seeing family some of whom had never met Ruby Gene, and to this point successfully traveling back to Santa Fe with the two I love most, nothing could get me down; not even some of the emails I encountered when  I plugged into my computer and worked a bit using dinosaur arms.

We arrived to Albuquerque, and played around in the baggage claim area while waiting for our luggage.  Ruby Gene reminds me that no time is idle time: it's a time to play and interact with smiling faces all around.  We grabbed our bags and went out to the shuttle that would take us to our car.  "Mama Yesi" had gloves and a coat, "Papa" had a coat but no gloves.  Ruby Gene initially felt she needed neighter.  Her mother was insistent and won.  However, for Ruby, something still wasn't right.  On the shuttle, she noticed Papa didn't have any gloves. "Papa, manos, guantes" she shouted.  "Papa, manos, guantes!" She did not like it that my hands were exposed to the elements.  So what does she do.  She takes off her gloves, reaches across her mother's lap, and insists I take hers.  She is 21 months old, her spirit has not yet been tainted by this world! I gladly took them, and put them on thanks to their wonderful elasticity.  She seemed very pleased.  It goes without saying, I was too.

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