Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Zia Fell Down

Two days ago, during dinner, Zia was not sitting in her seat eating, Instead she was running around playing. Suddenly, she fell down.  Trasie and I looked at each other, "What happened? Did she even trip over anything? Or did she just fall?" we wondered.  As we've come to know Zia, she has a tendency to go all out, but lacks a little coordination sometimes. Most likely scenario based on the evidence around her circumstance, she just fell.  "Ahh, pobrecita....est├ís bien? (Poor thing, are you okay?)," we ask her sympathetically.
When we see that she is, we start laughing. Not to make fun, but because it was funny. Poom, she's down. Her sister starts laughing, too. All of us are laughing!  She sees us laughing, and what does she do?  She takes a few steps and POOM falls again! She is laughing, we all are laughing. She gets up takes a few more steps and falls! Again and again she does this, and we are laughing all the while!  It was great.
There was no ego that said she should be embarrassed. No ego that would be suspicious or paranoid about how other people viewed her. She saw that we were having a good time, and took delight that she has been the entertainer, and was going to put on multiple encores as we took delight in one another.

We are told that when we fall, we need to get back up, be strong.  We avoid falling down because we think we look bad, we're clumsy or weak. People might laugh at us, or worse kick us when we're down.  But, ego aside, isn't it great when we can fall, and just laugh.  Delight in our weakness, because in weakness we are made strong.  Fall, and be reminded that we don't have to be perfect, (or right) all (any of) the time, but instead just be who we are.  Thank you Zia for reminding me that it's okay to fall, and when I do, maybe I can just laugh.