Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Evening Labyrinth Walk

Over this summer, in the evenings while Trasie's putting the girls to bed, I've gotten into a routine of walking Brinca around the neighborhood before stopping at the labyrinth at the Athens Regional Healing Center near our home.
I usually loosely tie Brinca up; practically draping her leash over a rock or looping it lazily around a bench arm because she rarely tests any tension on her lead.
I did the same this evening, choosing a rock, before beginning my walk. I dedicated the walk to entering into a new pastorate position, which begins tomorrow thanks to the good faith of the Commerce Presbyterian Church community and the faith of God, as well as to the leaving behind another semester as Trasie had her last day of school today for the semester and begins a nice three week break thanks be to God!
Not 15 seconds into my walk, Brinca for no reason other than wanting to be a faithful Shepherd companion as there were no other animals or critters that stimulated her, got loose. And for the rest of my journey to the center, she was trying to accompany me in my walk which meant she was mostly in my way as I zig-zagged along the route.  I made it to center and had a time of prayer and she left me alone for this; then proceeded out creating the same confusion as before, Brinca trying to come along side me, but ending up in my way.
I had to wonder what this unforeseen obstacle in my path, who only wanted to be a help and companion but ended up being something I had to sidestep or I would get off the path, meant in light of my dedication for the walk! Our life journey is certainly full of unexpected companions who both challenge us and aid us along our ways. And for these companions, I give thanks.