Thursday, March 19, 2009

A prayer for Ruby Eugenia and all of her generation

A prayer for Ruby Eugenia and all of her generation.
La Rotunda, Santa Fe, NM
opening session house floor
March 18, 2009

Please pray with me,
O God our help in ages past...our hope for years to come.

Thank you for this new day, and the life you give us.
Thank you for our elected officials who govern here,
and for all who facilitate this process of public service to our community

Thank you for the life of my daughter, born 7 weeks ago today.
She knows little of what this world is all do we all.

Her big blue eyes delight in the way the shadow of the ceiling fan is cast on the vigas in our home.
Colors in contrast catch her eye and she is fascinated by them,
and yet we so often are a people divided on the grounds of differing colors, red and blue...
yellow, black and white. May we be united n our diversity this day!

I love how my little one sits on the changing table amazed by this simple little stuffed animal, that we call seƱorita obeja; but we so often are a people who feel like we need more things, bigger things, faster and fancier things. May we delight in simplicity today!

My little girl is comforted when her mother or I hold her tightly in our arms, there she rests and is at peace,
and yet we so often are a people who push others away, we build walls, and we keep you at arms distance... Hold us close this day.

When my little angel sleeps, she rests without worry, without fear, as if she is basking in the very presence of your divine being...
but we so often are a people who cannot trust, we are afraid of one another, we cannot trust ourselves...Free us from worry and fear, today.

My precious baby knows no threat to her life; and yet, we so often are a people who threaten so much of life, the lives of others and the lives of your creation. This day may we respect all life!

My little angels thinks that everything is just right, for now, but some day she will wake up to parents in an argument, someone in power will mistreat her, a friend will betray know well this road.

Soon she will discover a world different from the one she knows now.
But, may the actions of this day make it possible for her to wake up to a better world.
As discussions take place and decisions are made here today,
may they be made with my little girl Ruby Eugenia in mind, but not just her, sino all children in this state, in this nation, and in this world.

O God our help in ages past,
and our hope for years to come
do a new thing! Make a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland. And may we perceive it!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is my girl cute or what??!!

Ruby Eugenia...
how photogenic.

6 weeks