Saturday, February 27, 2010

Questions of Life Development

Right now, it's really cute when Ruby Eugenia, 13 months, poops her pants.  She consentrates very intensly, and makes grunting noises.  This has been cute since she was born.

When will it not be cute anymore?

Or what about throwing food "on the ground"?  Brinca's there to faithfully gobble it up!

Ruby's front teeth started to come in last week...4 of them.  As a result she was:

Drooling like crazy, Coughing more than usual, but it's kind of cute to see her do this fake cough, aaha aaha, 
biting and gnawing more than usual, especially on cereal box/ toilet paper roll type paper, 
pulling at her ears, 
rubbing her cheeks and eyes; 
she had diarrhea (which is starting to stank), chin rash and pimps type bumps, 
and a runny nose (yellowish mucus), 
and, needles to say, she didn't sleep well.
What's that all about?
Growing up. 

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  1. teething time is rough! During this period, my niece had a specific wail that would just split your eardrums. Hang in there :)