Thursday, February 4, 2010

Highlights from the first week of Feb 2010

-Going with Suegros to pick up Butch's tombstone...(sorry for sending you the wrong way!)
-Riding on a functional bike as I get ready for the quad.  FINALLY!
-The snow, this was the prettiest it's been so far this year.
-Midnight walk in the snow, which led to seeing two great horned owls, hoo hoo hoooo hoooo hooooo.
It didn't take long for it to be confirmed that these owls do some early year nesting;...
and hearing coyote howls invade the pervasive silence of the night after a fresh snow fall.
-Seeing Gov. Richardson talk at the Bishop's luncheon....and sitting with Ben and Bev Larzalere, Sue Bresluar, and Marvin Schwab.  Pretty sweet we overturned the death penalty last year.
-Discovering a new nickname for Trasie!
-Ruby Gene's motivational speech....take a hungry baby on a hike without food, you'll get up and down real quick-like
-Nancy Deever...I got your back
-Hearing Fr. Roy of SOA
-Nursery team...getting busy
-Phoebe b-fast, deacons are going to take WPC to a whole new level
-sitting on our new couch, love it.
-Grace prayer

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  1. Great list! Love all the little and big things to be grateful for.