Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mt. Taylor Quad here I come!

Two years ago, our friends, Craig and Brenda, convinced us to do this crazy thing: participate with them as a team in the Mt Taylor Quad (  The four events: Bike 26 miles, Run 10 miles, Cross Country Ski 3 miles, Snow Shoe 1 mile up and down an inactive volcano, Mt. Taylor located outside of an old mining town, Grants, one hour west of Albuquerque.  We registered as "Los Rucos de El Oasis" which some how came out as "Los Pukos del Oasis".  Trasie biked, Brenda ran, Craig skiied and I snow shoed and we finished almost in last place for our grouping.  Still we had a great time.  Afterwards, I vowed to do the event myself in the following years.

I wasn't able to do the event last year due to Ruby's birth 2 weeks before the event...I thought about it, but then thought better.
This year, I got training really late, so figured I better not push it, and should partner up with one other person, and compete in either bike and jog, or ski and shoe.  I found a partner, Pat, in a random meeting at a party.  But then, my doctor, church elder, friend Gerzain Chavez, who is nearly 20 years older than I, and had knee surgery last year, urged me on to doing it myself.  HE WAS planning on competing himself.   What could I say.
So, a month and a half out, I have begun training in earnest, having jogged 12 miles and shoe shoed about 6 miles in the last 8 days, and taking my bike to the repair shop to get a tire fixed, and searching the internet for xcountry ski boots.  I feel really good and am excited about getting out there. Several other friends are going to participate as well: Antonio, Liz, Andrew, Jen, Craig, and maybe a few others.  Looking forward to Feb 14!  

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