Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Call to Scripture

Active/ ruling elders at WPC have agreed to be responsible for Scripture reading in church each and every Sunday.  I think this is great for a number of reasons: ensures they are reading scripture, puts them in front of the congregation so people know who they are (aka "face-time"), and it associates the importance of the proclaimation of God's word--written with the importance of the office of elder.

I like what Charles M. Olsen, in Transforming Church Boards into communities of spiritual leaders, says about the importance of Scripture in the life of the elder:
Addressing Elders: "Root yourself in scripture.  The Bible shapes the life of the disciple and is used as a source of support and guidance for the spiritual leader.  Discipline in scripture study is important for two reasons.
    "First, God calls upon you to make decisions affecting the life and mission of a faith community; those decisions must be informed by a larger story. If you see your personal story as the continuation of God's story of redemption and release, you live out the master story.
   "Don't feel that you have to know the whole Bible to be an effective [elder]. But a willingness to engage in serious study individually and with others will enhance your ministry.
   "The second rationale for practicing scriptural discipline is more personal.  You will need support, encouragement, comfort, and challenge as a leader, and daily scripture reading can provide all four."

Here are some links that can help assist with daily scripture reading:

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