Thursday, October 1, 2015

Weekend Update for Oct 4, 2015

Dear CPC,
 Ruby Gene brought home a great book from her school library yesterday, The Perfect Pumpkin Pie. It is about a ghost who haunts a granny and her grandson until she cooks the perfect pumpkin pie. Once she does, using some of his suggestions, he leaves her and the grandchild in peace until the next October when he comes looking for the perfect apple pie!  Ahh October, the time of autumn, falling leaves, more darkness, ghosts and goblins, and good pies. 
  The search for perfection, really, is a futile search. Why perfection became a goal for anyone is setting ourselves up for disappointment, and it turns out we may be haunted by this unrealistic expectation. The search for perfection can lead to dissatisfaction on many levels, including in our relationships. Instead of perfection, perhaps our aim can be tenderness--a tenderness in relationship with people and creation; a tenderness with ourselves. 
  This Sunday, in which we will celebrate communion and recognized that Christian communities are celebrating life in Christ around the globe.  We will look at the wisdom of tenderness, as talked about by Jean Vanier who founded L'Arche communities for people with mental disabilities.  In our community are friends from Jackson Creative, a program for people with  developmental disabilities, who come the church each week to help with various chores around the church building.  These wonderful people understand very well the wisdom of tenderness.  We will honor them by presenting them with a gift made by Peggy Deruelle. 

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