Saturday, January 21, 2012

Strange "run in" at Smiths

Had to "run in" to pick up a few things at Smith's this evening; was feeling pretty good after a visit with a cool family, the Grahams, who just lost their mother.  It's amazing what I sometimes notice when in a mood to look and really see.
As I was walking in one set of sliding doors, I saw a man with a stern face walking out pulling a small luggage cart with wheels. There was commotion behind him.  Store clerks were yelling, "SIR! STOP!" The alarm sensor was sounding. He wasn't stopping, as his brisk walk turned into a run, and several clerks ran after him....As children and parents starred.

I picked up my items, and after grabbing some milk I saw a woman attempting to scale the food storage racks in order to reach a high item.  "Can I help you with that ma'am?" She was grateful as I reached what she was after.  Seeing her like that reminded me of Ruby scaling our cupboard and sometimes falling! She laughed when I told her that image.

As I was self-checking out, I saw a man standing with a child about 8 years of age holding a bag of groceries he'd already purchased; and I thought he was trying to communicate with me. He was actually signing to another child who I saw to be on the verge of tears, signing back and holding a bag of chips.  I don't read sign, but I knew what the kid was after.  I signaled, as I was completing my check out to the apparent father, that I could buy the bag for the kid.  He didn't indicate one way or another, but, then came up behind me and handed me the bag...Cheetos no less :).

 I scanned it through and handed it back.  The kid said, "Thank you!" and both boys gave me a high five.

As I was leaving the Smiths parking lot, police cars were out near the parking lot exit to Cerrillos Rd.  The man with the luggage bag had been apprehended.  I was sad that whatever his circumstances were, he was in that position, face down, being cuffed....        

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