Saturday, July 23, 2011

Israel Palma - Que Descanse en Paz Siervo de Dios

I just received word from Pastor Daniel Izquierdo, with whom I did a pulpit exchange Sept 2010, that Israel Palma, one of the faithful, died at the age of 80, "after the long illness that was consuming his body but not his spiritual strength," says Rev. Izquierdo.

Israel Palma was one of the seven who consistently and faithfully attended the Presbyterian Reformed Church in San Antonio de Los Baños during the years of religious discouragement (1960s-90s) in that country.  He gathered with the other six week after week to read scripture, sing, pray, and ensure that there was a Reformed witness in that town.  Because of his courage and strength, there is to this day.
  He spent his career as a proud bee-keeper.  He and his wife, a Catholic, modeled tolerance in that differences of specific doctrines would not trump their love.

This is a short clip of one of my visits with him.  His daily practice was to read from a devotional, "Su Voz", and read from the Psalms. One verse from the Psalm he would write out and recite in English  This Psalm, 73:26, gave him strength as cancer ate away at his body: "My mind and body may grow weak, but God is my strength; he is all I ever need."  And see that warm smile and laughter at the end of the video..! (And notice the cigars...of which he gave me a few ;))!

I am so thankful to have met him, as his faith was one to be revered.   

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  1. Having worked in Hospice.... I noticed the spirit thrived as the body died.... It was truly a Holy Ground... thank you for sharing