Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Qué te pasa pookie wookie?

This evening I was upset about doesn´t matter what. I was pouting; the universe was conspiring against me again!  I huffed and puffed. Trasie and Ruby Gene stood as witnesses. I sat down on the steps between our bedroom and the kitchen to change my shoes.  Ruby Gene saw me with my head down, and she came up behind me said, "Qué te pasa pookie wookie?"  "What did she say?" I asked Trasie.  Then, Ruby leaned around between my shoulder and the door frame, looked at me in the eyes, and with a furrowed brow and rounded eyes said again, "Qué te pasa pookie wookie?"  Evidently, she has a book that features a dejected character named Pookie, and Pookie's friends and family try to cheer him up by saying, "What's the matter Pookie?"

Ruby certainly helped me to forget my worries.  May we model her and Pookie's friends' example when we have loved ones who are feeling down.  Maybe say to them, "Qué te pasa, Pookie wookie?"  Letting them know that you are there for them and you care.

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