Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Future of Education

After returning from Cuba, it became more evident the power and potential for good public education.  Time after time, encounter after encounter, I was blown away by the ability to speak intelligently about most any topic by the "common" Cuban citizen.  People didn't just study to earn money and get a job (for obvious reasons perhaps), but for the sake of learning and improving one's self intellectually.

Contrast this with the recent closing of three (3) Santa Fe public schools.  More and more kids are going to private schools, yes.  This is one of the most wealthy per capita cities in the country, yes.  Public school class sizes in Santa Fe continue to increase, yes.
Is there still value in educating those kids who can't afford private schools?

It was a shame that these schools "had" to be closed because of budget crunches.  The city was promised that the facilities would be rented to generate revenue.  Who would be one of the first big money tenants to sign a contract?

For the past month since I have been back from Cuba, one renter reared its head.  Along the perimeter of the now abandoned Larragoite Elementary School, in front of the no longer used marquee, is a large rectangular sign white background, bold red letters: "DECODING PROPHECY meets here 7:00 pm Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues."

I have so many problems with this! There are so many ironies.
Can't afford to educate children, but people will pay for this kind of education?
This group will help the city of Santa Fe generate revenue?
What kind of education are we giving our people?

I don't like to make judgements about groups I have not personally known or read much about. There is not much available on this group. This is the best I could do.
For me this whole situation reflects a very sad and dire straight of American society.
But hey, at least they can help us figure out when Jesus is coming to get us out of this mess!
Matthew 6:34
2 Peter 3

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