Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Parishioner accused of murdering...

prairie dogs....
Erik Mason, named below in an editorial published July 8, 2010 in the Santa Fe New Mexican, has been under a lot of scrutiny by animal lovers in Santa Fe.  Good thing they never associate him with WPC!  Just kidding Erik.  Life is complicated. I hope all of the people who disapprove of your actions volunteer to help remove the prairie dogs, or donate money at least.  Or they can just say that Richardson should do it...

From the santa fe new mexican:

P-dogs need patron 

I've been lucky to attend a Milagro Awards ceremony honoring individuals who help animals. Gov. Bill Richardson received one for helping wildlife; I wondered what he'd done to earn it. 

Today, I ask the same question, while Fairview Cemetery Association President Eric Mason and City Councilor Ron Trujillo choose to murder prairie dogs — one quickly, the other slowly. Mason said prairie dogs have been a problem at the cemetery for a century. Yet people bury loved ones there. Now that this organization has little money and a huge water bill, Mason chose to murder innocent animals as a scapegoat. 

The prairie dogs did not run up a $50,000 water bill. They haven't asked people to take away their homes. The Railyard, roads and park were built making the same, selfish decision to take over the animals' homes. Now, Trujillo believes he is the almighty power? Where is Richardson? Aren't these the wildlife his award said he's protected? 

Katherine Bowman 
Santa Fe

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