Saturday, December 26, 2009

We left Grandma Topple in a rest stop

Didn't make the sermon...but a good story

We were taking a family trip to Canada, where my grandfather was born.  There are about 14 of us traveling in three different vehicles. We stopped at a rest area and everyone stretches their legs, reads interesting propoganda on display, and of course does their business.  “Be back at the car in 10 minutes.”  We were told.

Ten minutes later we load up and hit the road.  Some 3 or 4 hours down the road, one of the cars in the caravan pulls up next to another, “Do you have grandma?”  “No…”  Then to the next…”Do you have grandma?”  No…Oh oh…

We drive back to the rest area….and there she was, waiting patiently, and surprisingly confidently that someone at somepoint would notice she wasn’t part of the group and would come back for her. 

Life before cell phones

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