Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dirt Roads in Santa Fe

At any time going to visit someone in Santa Fe, you may end up on a dirt road.  There are basically two types of dirt roads that exist here.  One leads to the "romanticized wild" southwest, the other leads to the wild ghettos of santa fe; one leads to english speaking outsiders, the other leads to spanish speaking outsiders; one is smooth, easy to drive on, the other is full of holes, dips, and bumps and requires concentration, and patience; one has homes worth millions, the other rented homes called "trailers". One has a few people in a lot of space, the other many people in small spaces. 

I find myself on both roads from time to time, in-between most of the time.

This evening I was in the ghetto.  Met with a bi-racial couple having martial difficulties. The Spanish-speaking man had a lot to share, a fascinating and tragic and hopeful story of abuse, immigration, isolation, drug addiction, recuperation, and uncertainty.  I hold this couple and their two month old twin girls in my prayers.    

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