Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jokes from an 83 year old organist

Marilyn Penner, my beloved 83 year old organist/ pianist every now and then will pull a fast one on us. She's slow as molasas but moves those fingers like lightning and her feet glide across those foot pedals (If you ever get a chance you should observe an organist's feet while they play).

Rev. Richard Avery was leading the choir Wednesday in an old bluegrass gospel song: Shall We Gather At the River.
After we'd played it through a few times, we caught our breath, and Marilyn stood up from behind the piano and said: I heard a story about a preacher one time preaching a sermon about the evils of alcohol and that he wished everyone would take all their alcoholic drinks and dump them in the river....
after the sermon was over the choir stood up to sing: Shall We Gather at the River.
She is a dear dear woman.

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